• A UNIQUE SOLUTION FOR SPORTS MANAGEMENT Technological platform designed to automate internal processes of the organization
  • SMARTSPORT IS A GREAT FIT FOR CLUBS AND ACADEMIES OF ALL LEVELS Optimize your approach to training and reach new heights
  • SYSTEMATIC APPROACH TO ATHLETE TRAINING Analyze the data and track your team’s progress
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SmartSport Cloud is a technological platform designed to benefit football clubs, youth academies, universities and various organizations. It is a comprehensive system used by team managers, scouts and medical professionals.

A new approach to the coaching process will provide significant benefits for your team. You will be able to easily create training programs and maintain a consistent exercise methodology. Player statistics and data analysis will allow you to monitor development and performance of your team.


  • Collection, storage, processing and analysis of large volumes of data over long periods of time
  • Planning of sports events
  • Team management
  • Processing of detailed information on athletes from an early age and evaluation of their development
  • Access to a constantly updated database of exercises
  • Planning of training and recovery processes
  • Automation of selection work
  • Methodological support and control
  • Automation of business processes and electronic document management 
  • Ability to create video archives

How it works

  • SmartSport presents the data in a useful way helping coaches analyze players’ physical and psychological characteristics and providing a full assessment of team’s performance
  • Assists scouts in selecting, evaluating and tracking prospective players
  • Offers a consistent methodological framework for training players and coaching the team
  • Provides business process automation and electronic document management
  • Keeps a video archive of games and practices
  • Functions as an Integrated communication system among coaches, trainers, athletes, medical staff and other sports professionals


SmartSport is divided into 3 modules: basic, medical and scouting. Each module has unique features designed specifically for various user groups.

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